One Euphoria

1 Bedroom

Select from 3 Different Layouts

One Euphoria has your home away home waiting for you. Enjoy all of our amazing amenities, convenient access to city center living, Angeles City’s exciting nightlife, all while enjoying the comforts and luxury of your home away from home. The one-bedroom units that we offer are ideal for travelers, couples, and bachelors who love Angeles and would like to invest in having a beautiful vacation right in the middle of Central Luzon.

All of our one-bedroom units come with a modern design, with a spacious bedroom, dining area, and open living room. Invest in one of our units today and begin to live the good life right in the center of Angeles, or you can create the feel and look that you want and transform your unit into an investment that provides you with consistent returns while you are offering luxury accommodations to Pampanga’s growing tourist population.

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2 Bedroom

Select from 2 Different Layouts

What if you had a high-end house ready for your friends and family for your next Pampanga vacation? Just imagine having your very own two-bedroom unit in the most exclusive Angeles City condo: One Euphoria. Enjoy an open-space layout that is perfect for your entire family, modern interior, and stunning city panoramic views. With our in-house luxurious amenities and easy access to Clark’s and Angeles adventure sites, culinary treats, and tourist spots, the very best investment you could possibly make is to live at One Euphoria.

Our two-bedroom units are perfect for small families of three to four people, or for couples to entertain guests. Transform one bedroom into a guest bedroom and the other into your master bedroom and you will have an investment that you also can rent out to young couples or solo travelers making their way over to Clark. It is your home away from Manila but still provides you with all of the city living comforts.

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