Things To Do in Angeles & Clark

Enjoy The Best Attractions Of Angeles And Clark’s

Exciting activities are just a couple of minutes’ drive away from the center of the city if you live in Angeles. So whether you would like a unique adventure or relaxing weekend, Angeles and Clark nearby have plenty to offer you. Enjoy the top activities and attractions that Angeles and the Clark Freeprt Zone has to offer:

Shopping malls

Explore culinary delights and laid-back afternoon shopping at Angeles’ malls. All of the leading Manilla stores are in the Angeles’ malls. There are a number of different ones to choose from, which includes MarQuee mall, that is located at the Angeles NLEX exit; SM City at Clark’s Freeport Zone; and Robinson’s Place Angeles on the MacArthur Highway, to name just a few. SM City is within walking distance from 1 Euphoria by 16 minutes.

Outdoor Adventure and Sports Activities

Clark and Angeles are full of activities for sports junkies and thrill-seekers. Places such as the Angeles City Flying Club provides fight lessons while Cope Thunder Drag Strip offers racing lessons to those wanting an adrenaline rush and races every other week. For individuals who prefer that their feet stay on the ground, country clubs and sports complexes like the Angeles Sports and Country Club provide unique sporting experiences such as cricket and lawn bowling in addition to entertainment whenever international tournaments are held.

Fontana Leisure Park

Take a soak, relax and enjoy the largest water park in Clark Freeport Zone at Fontana Leisure Park and Casino. The water park is among the most popular tourist attractions within the Clark / Angeles Freeport Zone area due to the amenities that are offered by the exclusive membership resort. Aside from the actual water park, that has themed water facilities, hot springs, and slides, you also can enjoy their own casino, various food options, sports, facilities, and expansive golf course.

Hot Air Balloon Festival

The yearly Hot Air Balloon Festival in Clark is among the most anticipated activities that both international tourists and locals gather in Angeles for. Marvel at the various design and enjoy the experience of riding in a hot air balloon during this multiple-day event that takes place in February at the old Clark Air Base. Some of the other activities available at the festival include skydiving, paragliding, radio-controlled aircraft, formation flying, and aerobatic exhibitions.