How to Transfer Money to GCash from a Foreign Bank Account

Why is this article about transferring money to GCash from a foreign or US bank account via Wise on a website about condo sales, ownership, and rentals in Angeles City? Because at some point you will need to transfer money around for bill paying and other incidentals. By using this method you will simplify your life in the Philippines dramatically. This method saved me a lot of time every month.

Load GCash from Anywhere in the World

There are many reasons to use GCash. And many more reasons one would want to be able to transfer money into it from bank accounts in other countries. That’s where Wise will come in very handy. Wise will allow you to load GCash from anywhere in the world.

With a GCash account, you can easily send money to anyone in the Philippines who also has a GCash account (GCash accounts are very easy to get). You or your recipient can pay for services, food, and just about anything else with the money you have loaded — either directly at stores, through transfers to pay bills, or by using a GCash credit card that you can easily obtain. You can buy cellphone load easily on all providers with GCash and even get money back. GCash is a great service to have and use in the Philippines.

Save Time and Money with GCash

This set-up has saved me so much time and money every month, that I thought I should create this page so I could share its benefits with other expats. The fees for most services are nothing or very low, and sometimes there are even bonuses and credits for using the service. The savings in time and running around will be enormous.

This set-up will allow you to easily move money from your account anywhere in the world from virtually any currency, to your peso or dollar account in the Philippines or even to your Smart or Globe smart phone in the Philippines. Once the funds are in your phone you can pay most all your bills, easily transfer money to friends and family, buy load, and even make purchases at Pure Gold and other stores in the PI, and so much more.

You can also load your GCash account at 7-11s, Pure Gold, and other partners around the Philippines.

Once set up, your smartphone becomes a virtual wallet. You may buy and sell and transfer money effortlessly. You can even get a GCash Mastercard at any Globe Store, which you can then use like a debit card.

Set up a GCash account on your phone:

Create your GCash account here.

Then just follow the simple instructions to get GCash and to install the app on your phone.

You will have the option to use the Basic features or to become fully verified and use all available features. I recommend becoming fully verified so you can run up to P100K per month through your account and you can use all the other available features.

Using Wise

Next, after setting up GCash, you will want to set up Wise.

Set up Wise here and get your first transfer free:

Once you have set up Wise you can then transfer money from your home currency to a local account in the Philippines or to your GCash account for future use.

The Wise Interface

Once you start a transfer on Wise you will see the activity happening in real-time online. Plus you will be kept up to date via E-mail. It will look something like this:

The transfer can take a little as a few minutes, or as much as a few hours depending on several factors between your bank, Wise, and GCash. Check back periodically for progress, or check your E-mail. You will be notified as each step of the transfer occurs.