About Angeles & Clark For Investors

Discover Clark And Angeles – The New Economic Center Of The Philippines

The Clark Freeport Zone and Angeles City are swiftly becoming the new economic center of the Philippines. This area is making a name for itself by offering the same type of amenities and luxuries you can find in Metro Manila. Its booming economy and its easy access to the various areas of Luzon is part of what is leading everything.

A Booming Economy

In the central part of Luzon which is where Pampanga is found, it is experiencing an economic growth that exceeds the national average. The government has put out reports showing that the areas GDP has grown by almost 10% which is well above the national average which is only about six and a half percent. This area is in third place for economic growth throughout the country. There is an expectation of more than a billion dollars that is going to be invested in Clark over the next decade. New and seasoned investors are saying they have high confidence in the economic future of this area.

Strategically Located

Staying at Angeles is a great way to have easy accessibility too many parts of Luzon. Because the city is right at its center, the local residents, business owners, and travelers alike are able to easily reach their destination of choice.

Easy Access To NLEX

Because Angeles is one of the main exits it means that access to the North Luzon Expressway is super easy. The general location is so central that it makes it easy to access most areas of Luzon. It’s possible to go as far north as the Ilocos region, as far southbound as Metro Manila, as well as being easy to go to Cagayan Valley and Baguio.

Easy Tunnel Access To Subic Bay

The SCTEX was completed in 2008 and allowed for easy connections to some of Central Luzon’s economic centers. These include Subic Bay Freeport in Zambales, Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles, as well as the Central Techno Park in Tarlac. You can easily go to Subic Bay from Clark by taking the Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway.

Take The Bullet Train

By taking the bullet train it will soon be possible to easily access Clark. They are expecting to have that running by the year 2022. They believe that it will have 17 stations and will be about 107 km in length. It is expected to run from Tutuban in Manila to Clark Freeport Zone in Angeles. When it becomes possible to take this bullet train it will cut the travel time from Manila to Clark by more than half.

A Little History About Clark And Angeles City

Between 1900 and 1945 the Philippines was an American colony and Angeles City was located by the American Air Base known as Clark Airfield. When the Americans left after a volcanic explosion, the airfield was used as an economic zone by the local government. Even though Clark is referred to as a city it isn’t actually one yet.

It has been getting developed for several decades and has a similar organization to cities found in the US. The housing developments there are for lease but they are not expected to be put up for sale. They are owned by the BCDA.

In Angeles City, however, it is possible for foreigners and Filipinos to actually buy property and for that reason, they do so there because it is located directly beside Clark. Some businesses consider these two areas part of one central area. Angeles city is also a location that makes for easy access to Baguio, Subic, and Manila because of the newly-built expressways.

Since Clark already had military grade runways built, it made it easy to create an International Airport there. Those who want to come in or leave the area for vacation or business will be able to easily do so. The Luxury Condominiums of One Euphoria is found in the Central Entertainment District of the city which is only a 15-minute drive to or from the airport.

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