Why Own a Condo in Angeles City

Angeles City is a Great Place to Live

Angeles City, Pampanga in the Philippines is not only a great place to live already, but it’s quickly becoming a world-class city. If you’re wondering where the next big thing or the next chic city in Asia will be, you need to look no further than Angeles and the surrounding areas. Within the next five or ten years Angeles city is going to become the place where smart investors live and play. There are several indisputable reasons for this to occur. Many of these reasons are slated for the future and many are happening right now and are visible for all to see. Any way you look at it, Angeles City is and will be a great place to own a condo and a great place to live.

Clark International Airport

CRK is one of Asia’s largest aviation complexes, and it’s poised to grow even more. There’s no need to go to Manila anymore to reach many local and international destinations. Getting to and from CRK is easier than ever. Between taxi and Grab services, shuttles and busses, getting from the airport to your condo or hotel is a breeze.

New Clark Green City

This 23,000 acres (9,450 hectares) planned community within the Clark Special Economic Zone is already currently under development. It’s located in Capas, Tarlac, Philippines, and will accommodate up to 1.2 million people. It will contain the coming Sports Complex, Athletic Stadium, and Aquatic Center that will be used in the 2019 Southeast Asian Games. This will be a completed realty within only a few months of this writing.

Medical and Hospitals

Only minutes form Angeles City in the Clark Freeport Zone, sits The Medical City — a world-class hospital and one of the finest hospitals in the Philippines. There are several other hospitals in the area that are also worthy of being considered, so there is no shortage of medial attention for those who need it. Should some more specialized attention be necessary, Manila is only a couple hours away, and world-class Bumrangrad Hospital in Bangkok can be reached from Clark of Manila Airport.

Economy Poised to Take-off

With all that’s happening here, Angeles is poised to be the next big thing to happen to the Philippines. Hundreds if not thousands of business outsourcing offices, call centers, and governmental offices are currently under construction on Clark, which is literally walking distance from Angeles. Many of these will be ready to fill and use as early as 2019 with many more to come. The amount of economic development and jobs this will bring to the area over the next decade is enormous. The trickle down effect of support and services these workers will need will be a huge source of jobs at ever level for hundreds of thousands of Filipinos for years to come.

Proximity to Manila and Subic, Olongapo and Zambales Beaches

Do you like to spend an occasional day at the beach? Subic Bay is only about 45 minutes away. There are several other beaches in the area to choose from depending on what you like to do. You can do everything from relaxing by the water, to surfing and water rides with friends.

Manila is only a couple hours away as well. Although you can usually find just about anything you’ll need in the local Malls of online, it’s sometimes fun to take a shopping or foodie trip to Manila for some high-end world-class dinning and shopping, or for a flight destination that Clark does not serve.

Access to NLEX and SCTEX

Do you enjoy driving, biking, or bussing? The NLEX connects Metro Manila to Central Luzon, and it passes right through Angeles. How convenient is that? There is also a bullet train in the works that’s supposed to be done by 2022. It’s said it will cut the time in takes to get to Manila in half. The SCTEX or Subic Clark Tarlac Expressway does just what it says. It connects Subic to Clark and makes a trip to Subic from Angeles pleasant and easy.

Cost of Living

When it comes to the cost of living in Angeles City, the choice is all yours. With rents as low as about $100 a month and lower, and as high as around $1000 a month or more, there is something for everyone. Local foods and goods are cheap, and public transportation is cheap and easy to use as well. A budget minded person could have a decent lifestyle in Angeles for about $1000 a month. It would be difficult to spend more than $4000 a month unless you lived in the most expensive places Angeles/Clark has to offer, and you only ate at the finest restaurants every day.

Things to Do

Shopping: There are several malls in the area to service all your shopping needs.

Outdoor Activities: The Angeles Sports and Country Club provides venues for cricket, and lawn bowling. Fontana Leisure Park is a water park complete with hot springs and slides, and an expansive golf-course.

Hot Air Balloon Festival: The annual Hot Air Balloon Festival is nothing short of amazing.
International Pyromusical Competition, also known as the brightest show on earth, has been permanently moved from Manila to Pampanga. It runs from February till the end of March with entries from several countries.

Food & Restaurants: There are plenty of restaurants in the area with more coming all the time. The days of not being able to get something you like in Pampanga are quickly coming to an end. We also have just about every fast food chain you can think of, including Subway. And with the expansion around the corner there won’t be anything we won’t have in Angeles.

Casinos: For those who like to gamble, Angeles City and Clark have some great casinos and Poker Clubs. Pop in and give them a try. Who knows, you may even drive out in a new car.


Looking for 4-5 star accommodations? There are plenty in the area. ABC and Fields Plaza come to mind first when it comes to the entertainment district. When it comes to the Clark area we have the Marriott, Park Inn by Radisson, Midori Clark Hotel and Casino, Royce Hotel and Casino, Widus Hotel and Casino, and many more big name hotels that are currently under construction.

The Bar Scene

If we’re going to be honest, one of the most exciting and fun things about Angles City is the bar scene and the proximity to thousands of beautiful and available Filipinas. Whether one is married and monogamous, or out on the prowl every night, there is something energizing about the scene and the nightlife of Angeles that will make any red blooded man feel alive. Few cities in the world have anything that compares to the scene. Laying on a beach or visiting a museum is all well and good, but for some men there is nothing that beats some good old-fashioned adult-styled entertainment.

For anyone who enjoys the company of their fellow countrymen and the diversity of meeting expats from all over the globe, there are few cities that compare to Angles City. Being in Angles is like being in a big private club where all the members have a common hobby or interest. Need some conversation in your native language? Just start asking people, “where are you from?” and within a couple tries you will locate your countrymen or a group of them. Just want to drink and chat? Most waitresses in the bars will sit and chat with you if you buy them a drink. Most in-house entertainment staff will as well. Just ask. Angeles is certainly one of the easiest place in the world to make friends of all kinds.